Saturday, July 28, 2007

Blue Angels

We went to the airshow today, to watch the Blue Angels perform. All the publicity about the show was careful to not give any kind of a schedule, so that people would come early and watch the opening acts (while buying food from the vendors, perhaps) while they wait for the Blue Angels performance late in the day; but on such a hot day (pushing 100 degrees), the tarmac gets too hot for kids pretty quickly, and cars were leaving before noon. Still, that didn't make much of a dent in the crowds sitting along the taxiways or looking at the static displays. The boys promptly took off in different directions to look at everything (thank goodness for cell phones!); my daughter and I admired the planes, enjoyed the tent with the water mister, and headed for the shade (and cooler) of our truck.

We had parked at the far edge of the field, but enough cars left before we got back that we were able to move two-thirds of the way up the row, where we had a good seat for the show. My daughter and I watched from the truck, where we could see everything the planes did, not just the official manuvers. She liked the solo and duo moves, while I liked the 4- to 6-plane formations; the best was when they came roaring overhead in the mid-field passes, right over our heads.

The thing that amazed me about the crowd was how many people started leaving just as the Blue Angels - the entire reason for the show - started performing. Some people had come out to the cars to watch the show, as we did, and some of them left as soon as the performance was done; that I understand. And I understand leaving because you have run out of time, or a child has had a melt-down and needs to go home NOW. What I can't understand is waiting 3-5 hours in the hot sun, then turning your back on the headliner and leaving, all to avoid the traffic. But apparently lots of people can, because by the end of the performance, 10-15% of the cars had left the lot.

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