Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Enough Already

A normal summer in western Montana (if there is such a thing) includes a week to ten days of hot weather in mid-July, with high temperatures in the 90s and an occasional 100 degree day. With only a week of hot days, air conditioning really isn't needed in houses; we get by with fans to pull in the cool air at night and grills for cooking dinner outside. But this summer is all out of whack. Our hot days started in mid-June, and we are now in our fourth (or is it fifth?) week of highs over 90 degrees. According to an article in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, the daily high temperatures are running about 10 degrees higher than usual - and it sure feels like it. Sleeping is hard when the nights don't cool off; I'm just grateful that I don't have to work outside in this heat.

This is the weather for shandies, a British drink that is half lemonade and half lager beer (Corona, in my case) and very tasty in hot weather. Other cooling options have included going to the movies, swimming, and spending as much time in the basement as I can justify. Possible but as-yet-unused ideas include ice packs in my pillow case and putting towels and bras in the refrigerator when I take a shower, so the "room temperature" (ie 90 degrees) fabric doesn't undo all the good of a cool shower.

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