Saturday, July 28, 2007

Farmers Market

We are moving into serious vegetable production now - not me, personally, but the lovely people who are willing to work in the hot sun to grow vegetables for my use. I had a feeling that the pickling cucumbers would be ready by now, so I went to the farmer's market early this morning and headed right for the Hutterite colony stand. Sure enough, they had 5# bags of pickling cukes and were selling them fast; I bet that within half an hour after the market opened, the bags were gone, leaving only regular cucumbers to taunt canners. But I have mine! All twenty pounds. Conveniently, dill ripens at the same time the small cukes are ready, so I am set to make the pickles tomorrow. I also got several bags of shelled peas to stick in the freezer for the fall, some in the shell for dinner tomorrow night, more fava beans, fennel, carrots, green onions, and baby red potatoes (which I'll boil and serve with our local goat cheese made with garlic and chives). I even found some baby artichokes at Gallatin Valley Botanical; I have no idea what I will do with them yet, but something will work, maybe with the fava beans. The nice thing about early vegetables is that they all seem to go together well, and they don't need much cooking to be wonderful.

One thing I didn't find is lettuce. The heat has ruined all the lettuce in the valley, making it bolt and go bitter.

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