Tuesday, July 24, 2007

La Parrilla

It's funny how having one small part of your routine out of commission for a few months can leave you feeling slightly off-kilter - even when it is a minor part. For the last 5+ years, we have had lunch once a week at La Parrilla, a local burrito place, every Tuesday unless we are all out of town. We know the staff and they know us (and our usual orders). I always get the same thing, exactly. It's a reliable part of my week, something the rest of the week can pivot around when chaos strikes (as it tends to do).

Or it was. On April 1, La Parrilla closed for "two months" so they could move the building across the street to a better location. Two months?!? without my favorite lunch? Acckk! I ate there every day I could before they closed, hoping to get sick of it (which didn't work). Then I resigned myself to a two-month drought. Which turned into a three and a half month drought. I even drove to Missoula to try out the La Parrilla there (good, but not quite the same). FINALLY they re-opened again last week, and we promptly resumed our Tuesday lunches. It's amazing how much better, in very subtle ways, my week goes now that I can re-instate that one little piece of my routine. My taste buds are happier now, too.

With the move, La Parrilla added parking and a nice patio, expanded the kitchen prep area, and added air conditioning. The funny thing is that they expanded their dedicated parking, but lost their overflow parking. So the parking lot is much nicer, but more cars are parked on the street out in front.

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