Friday, August 10, 2007

Driving Challenges

Each new driver has a particular challenge to overcome with driving. My oldest son was good at dealing with masses of incoming information - it kept him focused on the task at hand - but tended to be erratic controlling the car. My second son has great intuition for the vehicle, but is easily overwhelmed by too much information. My problem is that I like to look at the surroundings and have to force myself to focus on the traffic, especially in new places. I want to see what the buildings look like, who is on the streets and what they are wearing, what trees are growing here, etc. Where the other cars are is much less interesting - but more urgent. (This is why I prefer to navigate in strange cities and let my husband drive.) Other people get caught up in their thoughts and forget to pay attention to the road, or notice all the cars nearby and not see the traffic patterns. Each personality brings its own challenge, and you could probably create a personality test by watching how people drive.

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