Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Green Beans

I needed veggies for a family dinner Thursday, so I went to the smaller Farmer's Market last night to stock up (I forgot on Saturday). What a bonanza! I stopped at three stands and left with plenty to keep me busy today. Thanks to slightly cooler weather and determined watering by the farmer, I was able to get salad mix again. I also found more artichokes (and learned that they grow all summer, as long as they are being cut, so I may have plenty of time to experiment with them). Fava beans, green onions, and lots of carrots found their way into my bag. But the bonanza was green (and yellow and purple) beans - the first I have seen this year. I bought ten pounds for eating and for making into dill beans. I'll blanche some and combine them with the carrots for tomorrow night; that and a salad should provide something for everyone. I'll can the rest, as soon as I can find my other box of pint jars.

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