Saturday, August 25, 2007

Off to College

It's funny how exhausting it is to take your first-born off to college. The move itself was easy, since he really didn't take much with him; even the older students helping us carry things in were asking "Is that all?" when the truck was empty. And saying good-bye only took a few minutes; I kept a (mostly) stiff upper lip so that he would be ok, told him to have fun, not to do anything illegal, not to do anything stupid, not to get kicked out of college, then hugged him good-bye. Just to lighten the mood, his younger brother sucker-punched him, the last in a long line of traded surprise attacks, then escaped from the room while he caught his breath. The tears didn't come till I got in the car - driving in an unfamiliar town while crying is not recommended. Now I feel drained, and it won't take much to make me get teary again. I guess it's normal for such a major transition to take a few days to get over; but the absence where a kid used to be will take longer to adjust to.

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