Thursday, August 30, 2007

Still Out of Water

It's funny how being out of water at home is different than not having water while camping. When you go camping, you acknowledge that your routines are going to change, that meals will be more casual, that things are going to get dirty, and that laundry will be done when you get home. Heating up water during dinner so you can do dishes afterwards is just part of the camping routine.

But at home, being out of water is NOT part of the routine. I didn't plan on not doing laundry for ten days, or I would have gotten more done before the water went out; I'm putting off a trip to the laundromat, but won't be able to for much longer. It's nice doing dishes in a sink instead of a plastic tub, but boiling the water is odd and takes forever. Normal at-home dinners take more pans than camping dinners (although I am learning to compromise pretty fast); the good news is that going out to dinner is easier. Since we are in town instead of the woods, we still need to take showers, so that's another trip to my parents' house every two days. And porta-potties get old really fast when there is no outdoors romance associated with them; you know you've been out of water too long when Forest Service pit toilets look good!

In some ways, the weirdest part is having electricity but no water. I can use the microwave but not the sink. How odd. I will definitely appreciate indoor plumbing more when this is over - whenever that is.

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