Sunday, August 5, 2007

Sweet Pea Traffic

Against all odds, the construction crews got Main Street pretty well ready for Sweet Pea, and the parade was able to follow its accustomed route. The foot race before the parade had some challenges with routing on side streets, but it worked. The only unfinished project impinging on the festival was the foot bridge from the new library next to Lindley Park, which was supposed to be installed before the festival (an entrance gate there shows up on the Sweet Pea map); the bridge is in but the dirt work and paths aren't done, so the area is surrounded with construction fence. I'm sure it will be lovely next year.

Sweet Pea goes to great lengths to manage the parking of all the cars associated with the event. All the close-in parking is reserved for handicap parking and loading/unloading. The hospital allows them to use three of its lots, and a school bus runs back and forth between the lots and the festival all day. Shuttle buses also run around downtown all day, so you can ride from home if you live in the nearby neighborhoods, or you can park in the empty lots downtown and catch a ride. Or you can walk down the linear trail from the southside neighborhoods and end up right in the park. It's a pretty well-thought-out system.

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