Friday, August 17, 2007

Vive le Difference?

In western culture, men have always defined pornography as being about sex. The women in men's porn act like stereotypical men - they enjoy wild sex without attachment, sex that becomes all about accomplishment, about racking up trophies. Women's pornography was always assumed to be the mirror image, featuring men instead of women, and with maybe a little more plotline.

But someone finally asked women what really turns them on, and the result is Porn for Women - a funny (and reasonably clean) look at what makes women hot. The men in the pictures are sexy, but what makes it women's porn is what they are doing - cleaning, nurturing, listening, asking directions. They are, in fact, acting like stereotypical women. So porn appears to come down to wanting the other sex to be more like the viewer's - an odd conclusion that goes a long way to explaining why neither sex tends to appreciate the other's porn, why women get so annoyed at Playboy under the mattress; it's because women know instinctively that the fantasy isn't about real women. And men will know instinctively that Porn for Women isn't about real men (although real men could learn a trick or two from it). But still, what woman wouldn't like a man to stock the house with good chocolate?

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