Saturday, September 22, 2007

Fall Equinox

The summer and winter solstices always seem a little oddly timed with regard to the seasons, but the fall equinox is right on time. The first intimations of fall always seem to come the week that the day and night are the same length. Although the fields have been golden tan for weeks and there is still plenty of green grass showing, the cottonwoods are starting to turn yellow, the crabapple tree has red leaves among the green, and the hawthorn is turning crimson. The nights are cooler and the sun feels warm on my arms instead of hot. It's my favorite time of year.

My kids appreciate it for several reasons, one of which is the return of meals that we only eat in the cooler weather. Last night we had spaghetti for the first time since mid-May, and tonight we'll have pot roast. I've already put the bottom round roast into a pot of water, with two chopped onions and plenty of salt and pepper, and started it simmering for six or more hours; about 45 minutes before dinner, I'll add small red potatoes, then carrot chunks half an hour later. With a little broth poured over the meat and some butter for the potatoes, it will be a good, calm dinner to welcome in fall (and I love the left-over meat for lunches!).

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