Thursday, September 27, 2007

No Naps

Now I remember why I don't try to take naps: a napping mom is an open invitation to kids to find something to talk to her about. Kids who haven't been seen for hours, who have been hiding in their rooms, will suddenly NEED to talk to a napping mom; kids who have been visible get more audible. And of course it is all urgent and can't wait until after the nap. It's as bad as getting on the phone with someone you need to concentrate on, another proven child magnet.

The funny thing is that my kids understand that sometimes I need a nap, that I will be much more cheerful and less likely to take their heads off once I have a nap. They tell each other to leave me alone while I nap. And yet... I can only get an undisturbed nap if there is no one else in the house. Something urgent always comes up if I am napping. Sigh. At least a few minutes lying down is better than nothing.

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