Saturday, September 29, 2007

No Snow - So Far

Nope, no snow this morning, although there is probably some on the mountain ridges. Just lots of rain and a solid ceiling of low grey clouds, enlivened by the tree-show as the summer chlorophyll fades and allows the leaves' true colors to show through. The small maple by the driveway has leaves that are red and yellow, averaging to a glowing orange even in the rain; the Canadian Red chokecherry is deep crimson; the ash and the lilacs are yellow-green; the dogwood leaves are yellow and red that doesn't average to orange, just red and a feeble yellow; the big crabapple tree outside our bedroom has some branches full of green leaves, others with leaves already turned orange-red. It should be gorgeous once we get some sunshine again.

When the well-drillers were here, they took down part of our fence so they could get the trucks to the well. This means that the dogs have been pretty much trapped inside, making us all nuts. My son tried, half-heartedly, to get the fence put back together yesterday, while it was warm and dry, but didn't get it done. So today, my husband and two sons spent most of the day in the cold rain and wind, putting it back together. My youngest son was in charge of the post-hole digger; in order to soften the clay, he ran a hose into the hole and let it run while he dug. When he came inside for lunch, he was wet and muddy from his boot toes to his hat; even his boxers were muddy (how did he do that? No, I don't think I want to know.), and his boots were soaked. Cleaning up after him is going to take some work - there is mud everywhere now. The other two were wet and a little muddy, but my youngest definitely took the muddy-kid award today.

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