Tuesday, September 4, 2007

School Starts

We started school today, and it's amazing how nice it is to have the rhythm back in our days. It stabilizes me, makes it easier to cope with the water uncertainties and having one child at college. I don't really know how we will end up organizing everything - especially since I am adding more structure this year than last - but knowing that school starts at 9:00 and that I need to focus on it until roughly lunchtime helps me organize my day and get things done. The kids may not have missed school over the summer, but I did!

Some of today's school was done at the laundromat while we washed 6 loads of laundry. My youngest son and I worked on a logic puzzle, did some drawing (I drew with my left hand so my drawing wasn't so much better than his that he got discouraged), and started his math; the last was a challenge because he took his mind "out of gear" over the summer and forgot to put it back in for school. But he's starting to remember how to think, so he'll figure it out pretty quickly. And we got a lot done in an otherwise wasted time, without competition from his siblings.

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