Monday, September 10, 2007

Frost Comes

The first frost was last night. The frost on the grass and roof didn't last minutes once the sun hit it, but it was there, foretelling colder nights to come. The air is clear, the grass and wheat is golden, the sun's light comes at a lower angle; we will have more warm days, but the warm nights are gone, and fall is coming. It's time to get going on the fall transition chores, getting the yard and house ready for the cold weather.

It also means it is time to start making soups again. Last winter, I made soup of one type or another every Monday night, and I plan to do it again this year. It is nice knowing what dinner will be without having to think about it, and soup is a great meal for using up left-overs in ways no one recognizes. I've got veggies stocked in the freezer, along with some ham bones for ham bone-white bean soup. I have a few jars of broth, from pot roasts and shredded pork, frozen, and I'll add more as the fall goes on; I'll also add some chicken broth from carcasses and some turkey broth at Thanksgiving, so I'll have bases for soups all winter. Since I don't cook my soups all day, just long enough to get everything thoroughly hot and brothy, I can make soup very quickly after a long day - which all Mondays seem to be.

Last night, we started a family snow pool - everyone guessed when the first real snow would come (meaning snow that covers the ground and sticks for at least an hour). Guesses ranged from September 25 to November 5.

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