Monday, October 8, 2007

Frozen Foods

Freezers are good for keeping meat and veggies cold for a later day, but they can do other handy things, too. My youngest son was with me at the grocery store one day when he spotted a raspberry-flavored white wine; I thought it looked more like a wine cooler than real wine, but it was reasonably cheap and I bought it. Rather than drink it, I mixed it with maple syrup and poured it into a lasagne pan, then stuck it in the freezer (which took a little work, since we had to create a level place for it on top of the ice cream boxes and plastic containers); I stirred it a couple times while it was freezing, and we ate it for dessert that night, a fruit ice. It was pretty good, but a little too icy; next time, I will add some pureed raspberry to give it more flavor and to improve the texture.

Another thing I use the freezer for is getting rid of left-over drinks. It used to make me nuts when my kids would leave half a bottle of juice or lemonade in the fridge, where of course no one would drink it. I finally realized that, frozen, it would make good smoothie materials. So now I use my mini-muffin tins (not used for muffins, in spite of my romantic notions) to freeze leftovers drinks into small "cubes" that can be used to flavor and freeze smoothies; ice trays would work well, too, but mine are busy making ice cubes. I've used all kinds of juices and juice drinks, and lemonade works well. They disappear pretty quickly, especially in the summer. I can think of some adult uses, too: the lemonade cubes might be good in a glass of ice tea, and limeade cubes would be good in club soda.

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