Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Green Tomatoes

A friend was able to rescue a bunch of green tomatoes before her plants were frozen out, but didn't know what to do with them. I didn't have any good ideas because it has been years since we had any tomato plants bearing fruit late enough in the summer to provide green tomatoes for the fall. So I went looking on the internet and found some intriguing recipes. There are lots of versions of the classic fried green tomatoes; my favorites (by inspection only - I haven't tried any of them) include this one (great photo!) and one by Helen Nearing. The recipe I am most likely to try is feta-topped green tomatoes. This site has not one but four recipes for green tomatoes: fried, green tomato pie, chilled curry green tomato soup (ok, that one sounds weird, but who knows?), and green tomatoes with goat cheese, which looks similar to the feta-topped version. Our tomato plants are still bearing fruit (although they are ripening very slowly), but I think I will have to pull some green tomatoes this fall and try at least one of these recipes.

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