Friday, October 5, 2007

What Next?

I'm starting to wonder what I did, or we did, to provoke the universe: first it was our well, now it's our furnace. My husband came home to get me for a date tonight and commented on how chilly the house was. On further inspection, it turned out that the furnace wasn't working. Sigh. So I called the furnace repairman - who was out of town until next week but provided another number. I called that number and got a repairman who informed me that it would be $109 just for him to drive to our house, because it was after-hours; any work or parts would be on top of that. Ugh. But we have kids in the house and we aren't going to wait all weekend for heat - it's cold outside. So he came up and checked the furnace. It roared to life for him, of course, but then stopped working pretty quickly. It turns out that the ignition module was bad and he had to replace it. The bill for the repair was ugly, but at least we have heat again.

Since our date was pre-empted, we did take-out upstairs by the fire while the kids watched a movie downstairs. Not what I had planned, but not too bad for a house crisis evening.

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