Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Female Brain, Redux

I finished reading The Female Brain, and it has earned its place next to You Just Don't Understand. I have recommended it to every woman I know who works with women or is raising a daughter - and would put it on the reading list of every woman who is curious about how she perceives reality. I spent much of the book thinking, "Oh, that explains something!", whether the something explained was my own history, my adolescent daughter's reactions to the world, or observed differences between men and women. Brizendine does a great job of explaining 30 years worth of research in non-technical language without dumbing it down, in very readable language, with enough examples so I could see how her research applied to real life. I've already handed it to my daughter to read, so she can understand better what she is going through now - and why her father and brothers seem to have such a different reality than she does. Now if Brizendine would just write The Male Brain!

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