Thursday, November 15, 2007

Kids Growing Up

Reasons I appreciate my kids growing up:
1. I left behind the diapers and the bathroom dashes.
2. They eat real food, on more-or-less normal schedules (except my teens, but they can fake it).
3. They ask more interesting questions.
4. They can follow directions better, and the directions can be more complicated.
5. They can move around town without me, get themselves between activities.
6. They can better entertain themselves.
7. They can clean their own rooms (mostly, if reminded forcefully enough).
8. Their sense of humor move away from potty humor and toward something more sophisticated (ok, so it's puns, but that beats potty jokes).
9. I can actually follow their conversations, and some of them are really interesting.

And most relevantly today:
10. I almost never have to clean vomit from carpet, bed, and kid in the middle of the night. That has to be my absolute least favorite parental job, especially since the child needs me to be patient while they feel miserable.

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