Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Snow. Nothing dramatic at first, colder temperatures and fine flakes drifting out of the grey sky. Snow on cooling roads makes for slick driving; police and wreckers busy with accidents; long lines at the tire-changing places. Fine, light flakes accumulate slowly at first, faster after dark; by 10 pm, there is nearly 8" on the picnic table. Snow makes ski nuts crave skiing, even if they have to hike for it. Snow comes from the southeast, not the usual southwest; horses stand in the lee of trees, tails to the storm. Snow keeps coming all night, 13" on the picnic table by morning, cars push the snow when they drive on unplowed roads. Snow dims skylights, bends trees, hides rocks, covers gardens, ices roads. Snow still falls as night does. Snow is here.


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