Thursday, November 22, 2007

Things I am Thankful For

Of course I am thankful for the usual suspects: family, friends, my health, living in a place I love. But what I tend to notice are the smaller things to be thankful for:
  • My husband's appreciation of my cooking - even when it doesn't come out the way I expected it to.
  • My stylish daughter's recognition of my clothing style and her ability to tell me what it is, in positive terms.
  • A sister who agrees with me when I rant about people who find which guitar they want at a local store with very good, knowledgable service, then buy online to save a few dollars.
  • A father who always helps out when needed.
  • A son who is young enough to tell me he loves me and still small enough to cuddle.
  • A son who is now old enough to tell me he loves me again.
  • Friends who encourage me when I decide to start freelancing in technical writing and editing, and are willing to hand out business cards for me.
  • A mother who helps me write letters introducing myself to potential clients - she is much better at that language than I am.
  • Having my new-college son back with us for Thanksgiving, in Lewistown where he doesn't have to split his time between us and his friends.
  • My children's cooking ability; they cooked the turkey today and made many of the sauces.
  • A friend who always understands that when I complain about my family, I don't really mean it.
  • The ponderosa pine tree in our backyard, which we planted for father's day a dozen years ago and which is now about 40' tall.
  • Fresh snow in November.
  • Pheasants, especially the roosters that fall out of the sky when my sons shoot at them and taste so good for dinner.
  • A hug from a good friend to brighten my day.
  • Actors who go out of their way to welcome an aspiring one.
  • Meals on Wheels, which lets me volunteer in a way that fits my schedule, and the people who smile when I deliver their meals.
  • The Community Food Bank, which has provided a place for my son to belong and grow for 5 years.
  • Deep massage from hands that know my body - and the friend who has them.
  • The fresh, local food at the Monday mini-market, and the friendly faces who sell it.
  • Friends who help me raise my kids, either directly or with advice and comfort.
  • The public library, which provides a safe haven for my daughter.
  • My sons' friends, whom I enjoy having in my house.
  • Old friends that I see only occasionally - they always make me smile and remind me of who I have been.
  • Cranberry bagels with cream cheese and ham.
  • Books that present an argument in a coherent and readable form, whether or not I agree with it.
  • Bookshelves. And more bookshelves.
  • Homeschooling and the opportunity it gives me to continue learning.
  • Lots of time with my kids, through the good and the bad days.
  • My youngest son's giggle.
  • Friday-night dates with my husband.
  • A reliable vehicle that I can pack with kids and dogs for trips to Lewistown.
  • A comfortable bed.
  • Turkey leftovers.

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