Thursday, December 27, 2007

Books for Travelers

I have just discovered Longitude Books, a web bookstore for travelers. You start by clicking on a region, which then narrows down until you get a list of recommended books. At the top of the list is what Longitude calls Essential Reading, a selection of items that can be purchased as a package, with a discount; for Montana, the list includes:
  • Compass Guide Montana, a guide book with literary excerpts and short essays;
  • High, Wide, and Handsome, a 1943 history of Montana that is still one of the best general histories about the state;
  • Bad Land, an American Romance (fiction), which I don't know anything about;
  • The Last Best Place, an anthology of Montanan writing both fiction and nonfiction that serves as a great introduction to Montanan literature; and
  • a map.

This Essential Reading is followed by a long list of other books that might be of interest to travelers to Montana: guidebooks, history, cultural portraits, biography, natural history, field guides, science, maps, and literature. It is a good selection; I suspect that I will be acquiring some of these books in the near future, even though I already have a pretty good library of Montana books.

Now I just need to figure out somewhere to travel, so I can justify using this site more!

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