Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Price vs. Service

A mom who was trying to find a guitar for her daughter wrote, "we went to Music Villa [a local instrument store] and found a guitar that seems to be a good fit. I really liked the service there too. I am going to check the internet sites first to see if I can get the guitar cheaper."

It must be so frustrating to be in retail anymore. You provide a quality product and good service, spend time to help someone figure out what they need, and then they buy elsewhere to save a few dollars – if they really save anything after shipping. I understand wanting to save money, and internet purchasing is great if you know what you want; but if you need the service, it is only fair to pay for it instead of “stealing” it from the business. It seems wrongheaded to me. And I won’t even get started on supporting the local business community so it is there when you need it!

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