Sunday, January 6, 2008

Roasted Boodogs

OK, this is clearly the weirdest recipe I have ever seen. In an essay in the Dec. 24 High Country News, Kevin Taylor writes about a recipe a friend brought back from Mongolia: roasted boodogs, or, in western terms, roasted marmot. According to Taylor, you start by putting some smooth, round river rocks in your barbecue and laying in a stash of vodka, then:
  1. Go find some marmots. Each one will feed three to five people.
  2. Behead the marmot.
  3. You'll want vodka for this step. Reach your hand into the neck cavity and pull out the guts. Rub the inside with salt. Or what the hell ... paprika or cumin or curry or bay leaves, too.
  4. When the rocks are glowing orange, drop them into your marmot, poking smaller rocks into the legs. Then seal up the neck.
  5. Get a blowtorch, the kind you use to sweat pipes while soldering, and start burning the hair off your marmot. Yeah, you'll want vodka for this, too.

When the marmot is done cooking, open the neck and pour the broth into cups, then eat the meat. No wonder vodka is an integral part of this recipe. But I guess it beats starving to death.

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