Sunday, February 3, 2008

Quick Sandwiches

The Food Co-op has started making their own breads, including a baguette that is the closest to French that I've tasted in the US and a "challaday" bread, challah with cinnamon sugar, that makes awesome french toast. They are also experimenting with flavors of flatbreads; so far, I have seen walnut-currant (I think), cheddar-jalapeno, and carmelized onion. The cheddar-jalapeno is pretty spicy in places, and makes a very good open-face cheese sandwich when sliced in half, topped with cheddar cheese, and broiled. Today I used the carmelized onion flatbread to make a quick sandwich for three of us: I halved two Italian sausages from last night, topped them with some watercress, and spread a red-pepper/feta topping on the bread. Cut it in 6 pieces and lunch was ready - and very tasty. I'm hoping the Co-op will continue making flatbreads so I can keep experimenting with sandwiches!

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