Monday, March 10, 2008

Woodpeckers Return

More progress in the winter-spring transition season: the birds are getting more active. This morning, a big woodpecker sat on our furnace flue and started pecking at the metal cap, which reverberated throughout the house; he was so embarassed to be caught at something so futile that he promptly flew off once he had an audience. A bit later, a magpie flew across the yard carrying a long twig in his mouth, probably headed for a nest in need of refurbishment somewhere; magpies make big, messy spheres of nests that take lots of twigs. Soon it will be time for our summer migrants to start moving in.

The winter robin is definitely gone; it hasn't been in the crabapple tree since I saw the hawk.


Magpie said...

Tant pis. But then, the hawk needed to eat, right?

The Magpie said...

True - and the hawk "belonged" here at this time of year more than the robin did. I like to think that the hawk was baffled to find a robin so out of place.