Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Worship of Tools Day

"Give a small boy a hammer, and suddenly everything looks like a nail."

Worship of Tools Day sounds like one my youngest son would dream up. He is a tool fanatic. Whenever he gets a new tool, he sleeps with it for a few nights before it is allowed to move out to a safe bed in the toolbox; or at least that is the theory - a surprising number of them seem to collect permanently in his room. At 11, he already has a two-piece tool chest like mechanics have, traditional red just like his Dad's, and he is hard at work filling it up. He tried to talk me into a "tool of the month" program, where each month he could get one new tool at our favorite hardware store (and his favorite store, period), Owenhouse; I was smart enough to turn that one down immediately. Any task around the house that needs tool use elicits a willing volunteer, whether or not he knows how to do it; he is always willing to try.

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