Friday, April 18, 2008

Crocuses Bloom

In the flower bed by the driveway, amidst all the dark mulch bark and gray rosebush stems, there are a few hardy crocuses blooming, their purple flowers startling against the muted colors. On the south side of the house, the grass is greening up (especially over the drainfield, which always warms up first). Kestrels and doves are showing up on the power lines (power lines and poles may be an intrusion on the landscape, but they provide nice perches for a wide variety of birds!). I've seen blue herons sailing overhead near the river, their necks neatly curled back on their bodies. Sandhill cranes are checking out the field to the south of us, even though it doesn't have any grain yet; maybe they are looking for bugs instead. The dogs are shedding like crazy, and it is time to clip them for the early summer.

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