Saturday, April 12, 2008

Driving into Spring

Heading east from Bozeman means heading downhill toward the Mississippi River (eventually). It also means heading downhill into spring; within 75 miles, the season is several weeks further along than in the Gallatin Valley. The first indication of this is bugs on the windshield; after six months of nothing hitting the windshield besides gravel, it is weird to have bugs splatting against it. North of Lewistown, the bugs are out in force, all kinds of bugs: big ones and small ones, lots of beetles and big flying things. More poetically, the first wildflowers are starting to bloom, tiny yellowbells and shooting stars practically hidden in the grass. It promises to be a dry summer in central Montana unless there is a lot of spring rain; they haven't gotten any of the spring snows that we have, and the irrigation ponds aren't filling up like they should. Without more moisture, their nice spring will turn to late, dry summer all too soon.

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