Saturday, April 19, 2008

Garage Sales

Garage sales turn out to be a good way to learn about people, especially when you don't have everything priced. Some people are pre-occupied with "getting a good deal" and can be bitter when you don't let them bargain to half the price. Other people are shading toward dishonesty and will try to hide things in piles, or simply walk out with something. But most people are great, cheerful, happy to pay a fair price for their treasures. Some people are just eager to be garage saling again after the winter and spread enthusiasm around them. Other have a specific project in mind, sometimes with a tight budget; one dad and his three young sons were working on a playhouse with almost no budget, and it was a pleasure to help them achieve their goal. The most fun are the kids who have found a perfect treasure and come cautiously up to ask how much it is; I always ended up charging them about half the price I would have charged an adult. People-watching was the best part of holding a garage sale this weekend.

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