Friday, April 11, 2008

Mark's In and Out

Different things mark the beginning of the warmer half of the year for different people: baseball spring training starting, the local ski season ending, trails drying up enough for hiking or bike-riding, horses shedding their winter coats, snowbirds returning from the southern states, swimsuits showing up in the stores, kids losing interest in class because the weather is too nice, snow shovels being put away, flowers blooming in the garden. For our family, the warm season officially starts when Mark's In and Out opens in Livingston (and it ends when Mark's closes in the fall). One of our favorite routines when we drive to Lewistown is a stop at Mark's; we schedule our departure time so that we get there about lunchtime. Part of the attraction is the retro flavor of a 1950s drive-in (which Mark's earned by opening in the '50s), part of it is the joy of ritual. And part of it is the food; the hamburgers aren't gourmet, but they are great examples of drive-in food, and they taste the way road food should taste.

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