Thursday, April 3, 2008


I had planned to make hamburgers tonight - and I did make them, just with a twist. When I opened the refrigerator, I noticed that I had small amounts of salsa verde and guacamole left-over, not enough to do much with but too much to toss. Hmmm. I also had cheddar cheese and canned green chilis available, so I created stuffed Mexi-burgers. The kids loved them so much that even my two who usually leave half their burgers finished them, and they insist that I make them again. The technique works for all kinds of fillings; blue cheese and green onion are good, or parmesan and sun-dried tomatoes (in oil), or pesto and pine nuts, or bacon and jack cheese, or anything else that sounds good and is taking up room in your fridge.

To make the burgers, I sized the hamburger patties, then split off 1/3 of each. The larger piece I shaped into a sort of patty-shaped bowl, the other piece I flattened to make a lid. In each bowl, I placed a slice or two of cheese and a couple spoonfuls of diced green chilis, then I placed the lid on top and carefully sealed the edges together with my fingers. The patties were gorgeous, plump and smooth-edged. I grilled as usual (a little shorter time that you would expect for such thick patties). We topped them with salsa verde, guacamole, minced pickled jalapenos, and tomatoes. I served them with plain potato chips, but tortilla chips would work well, too.

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