Thursday, April 24, 2008

Robins on Roads

It snowed again last night, 3-4" of heavy, wet snow that promptly turned to slush when driven through. All the robins flocked to the roads this morning, lining up along the tracks. On the plowed roads, they were on the pavement, which makes sense: the asphalt holds the warmth from yesterday, providing a nice foot-warmer for the robins. But on the roads that were just tracked by cars, the birds were sitting on the slush piles instead of the bare tracks. Maybe the birds don't like being down in the tracks but the asphalt is still enough warmer than the surrounding snow that being close is worthwhile. Or maybe they are optimistically looking for worms, which will be out on the wet roads in a month or two. Regardless, not all of them get off the roads fast enough, and there are several bundles of feathers littering the roads now.

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