Sunday, May 11, 2008

New Words

These useful words came out of the local high school newspaper, Hawk Talk (May 9, 2008).

Acoustic shave: The act of shaving with razor; not an electric shave. [This is one of those back formations created to differentiate something that never used to need differentiation, like analogue clock, snail mail, and land line.]

Consumerican: An individual suffering from the particularly American brand of consumerism.

Disneyfication: The act of taming the world to make it all safe, clean, and completely similar to a theme park. To remove all the sharp edges and darkness that is life.

Frienvy: Feeling of want or need for something or someone a friend might have. People often experience frienvy when a close friend of theirs loses weight, gets a promotion, or finds a new girlfriend/boyfriend.

Icemaker: The opposite of ice breaker. Something you do that makes it super awkward, right after meeting someone. [Who hasn't done this?]

Moneymoon: The time after your purchase of a good or service and before 'buyer's remorse' happens.

Peasantvision: Television channels you get without a cable or satellite TV subscription.

Wikidemia: An academic work passed off as scholarly yet researched entirely on Wikipedia.

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