Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Vidalia Onions

By April, the storage onions in the grocery store are looking a little the worse for wear; they are starting to sprout and if you leave them on the counter they tend to go bad quickly. So the sweet onions of spring arrive just in time to save me from cutting up lots of green onions or skipping onions in my cooking altogether (which would be a tragedy!). Walla Walla onions show up first, but I know spring is here when the Shriners show up in the Van's parking lot selling Vidalia onions as a fundraiser. Usually they show up in late April and I was worried that I had missed them; but they were just running late, and today I was able to get my ten-pound bag. I will use some of them raw (in a bun with pulled pork and barbecue sauce) and saute some some of them, but most of them I will dice and freeze for use all summer when I don't feel like getting my hands oniony. I might make some of them into onion rings to go with the pork sandwiches, too. Most of all, I will enjoy onions with no sprouts in them.

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