Thursday, June 12, 2008

Buffalo Wings Wrap

I think I borrowed this idea from a restaurant menu description, but I've had it in my head long enough that I'm not sure where it came from. I noticed it because one of my sons loves buffalo wings, and I thought this might make a good dinner for him - which it did (although his accolade was something along the lines of "this is better than I thought it would be"). I used chicken strips from KFC because it was quick and easy, but any decent fried-chicken strips would work well; in fact, leftover chicken would probably work, too. If you don't fry the chicken yourself, this takes about 15 minutes to prepare. If you sliced the veggies at home and stuck everything in a cooler, this would be a good meal on the road (or at a ballgame) where you have access to KFC.

Buffalo Wings Wrap
Place a burrito-sized tortilla on a plate and layer on it (in order):

Very thinly sliced iceberg lettuce (no, don't substitute good lettuce for this; stay authentic)
Celery, sliced into small pieces
Bottled blue-cheese dressing
Chicken strips, warm or hot
Bottled hot-wing sauce (we used Jack Daniels' brand)

Wrap the tortilla around the fillings and eat. The heat will depend on the hot-wing sauce you use and how much you add. One wrap with two pieces of chicken was plenty for me; my teen boys ate two wraps each.

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