Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lilacs Perfume the Air

The lilacs are in full bloom now. When I drive through older parts of town with my windows down, their perfume fills the car with the scent of summer.

Magpies provide the sound track for the lilacs' scent. The family that lives in our yard spends at least an hour every morning discussing the day, at full volume; their caws are more musical than crows, but not any quieter. The young magpies look like their parents but are a bit smaller, and they move in less confident ways. They are also much more curious about the house and yard than the adults, and spend more time on our deck. A week ago, a juvenile on the deck ended up inside the house when my daughter opened the door; it took a few minutes to capture it with a towel and get it back outside, where it sat quivering in a corner of the yard for a while before flying away.

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