Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Los Potrillos

One of my goals when we travel by car is to avoid eating at chain restaurants. This isn't so tough when you have time in a place, but when you are on the interstate trying to make good time, it gets trickier. Heading from Boise to near the Dalles on I-84 today, we stopped in Ontario, in the rain, to find food. My son was driving, which gave him some control over where we stopped; he passed the Chinese restaurant and a few other possibilities I mentioned, and kept driving. He finally stopped at Los Potrillos, a Mexican restaurant (with a large parking lot, a consideration when pulling a trailer); it clearly wasn't a chain, so in we went. And we found very good food there. It is run by Mexicans for Mexicans, and we heard more Spanish than English while we ate; on top of being Mexican, the cook was good at his or her job (authentic food can still be bad). Everything we ordered was tasty, and we left the restaurant feeling much happier than we went in, ready for three or four more hours of driving. It took longer than fast food, but it was much more satisfying.

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