Sunday, June 15, 2008

Lupine Bloom

The showy wildflowers are all blooming at once. Balsamroot is the most obvious near the mountains, with their bright yellow sunflower flowers. Nearer town, lupine is the most obvious; this is a good year for lupine, and they are showing up in fields I have never noticed them in before. The purple bells of harebells are harder to see, since they don't stand taller than the grass. Flax is normally subtle because the plants don't grow close together and the blue flowers are small, but someone has planted an entire field in flax and it is solid blue. Wild iris are blooming in clumps on the hillsides, wherever there is a moist spot. Phlox grows on drier hillsides, often on road cuts; the small flowers shade from white to lavender.

Garden flowers are enthusiastically blooming, too. Lilacs all over town are in bloom, although my north-facing bushes are holding off a week or two. Bleeding hearts are thriving in my shade garden; the anemones and lilies of the valley will bloom soon.

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