Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Raspberries Ripen

Although half our raspberry bushes took a beating when the well was being re-drilled last fall, the other half is doing fine and the first berries are ripening. I'm the only one who has figured this out yet, so I get the first harvest! Next year we will have more raspberries, since the trampled bushes from last year are putting out lots of canes this year (the second-year canes are the ones that bear fruit).

I saw the raspberries as I was hanging clothes out on the line this afternoon (which was only partially successful, since I left them on so long that the lawn sprinklers got them wetter than the washing machine did). That was also when I realized that the caragana pods are snapping in the hot sun; when the seed pods get dry enough, they twist and break apart at the seams, flinging seeds across the lawn. I love listening to the random snaps on a hot afternoon; I know high summer is here.

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