Friday, August 8, 2008

Back to School

Denise Malloy had a great column in the Balance feature this week about how eager she is for school to start again because she is tired of listening to her kids bicker and complain about being bored. She has undoubtedly exaggerated for effect, and the effect is very funny; I'm sure she has lots of company this month.

I am also eager for school to start again, but not so I can get my days back; it is so I can get my kids back. They have been busy with camps and work and sleeping late all summer, and I miss spending time with them. I miss the companionship and the routine that comes with school. I am used to having my kids around most of the day, and I really like them; they are growing into people I want to spend time around (ok, not all the time, but most days). They are what may be the perfect age: still young enough to be an integral part of the household but old enough that I can leave them for lunch with a friend, or get some work done on my own while they work on their projects. I am looking forward to seeing more (not less) of them next month!

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