Friday, September 5, 2008

Apple Packaging

I just bought my first computer from Apple, and it arrived this morning. I have no idea how well the computer will work, but I love Apple's packaging - someone with a good eye for design, both visual and practical, has really thought it through. Even the outer box is easy to figure out where to open; and when you cut that bit of tape and look inside, there is a handle waiting for you to pull it out. The handle is attached to a nice box of glossy white cardboard, and it opens easily to this:
This is seriously cool packaging! I love the pattern and the design of it. When you remove the top layer of foam and the computer and cords under it, this is the bottom layer of foam, echoing but not copying the upper design:
The silver package opens up like a gift to display a booklet (Everything Mac) and a package (Everything Else) with a monitor wipe, the re-install disks, and some additional information. Instead of being a utilitarian task (at best - more often an exercise in frustration!), getting the Mac out of its box is a delightful chain of packaging surprises, like opening Japanese packages.

Regardless of Apple's computer technology, they beat most US companies on packaging, hands down.

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