Thursday, September 11, 2008

Why I Love Owenhouse Hardware

I wanted to hang a peg of some sort by my front door, primarily for dry-cleaning deliveries but for hanging other light things on, too. I wanted something that looks nice, not a nail or a basic peg; a cupboard knob would be perfect, but the hardware for knobs assumes that they will be installed on a door that you can put a screw through. Which is a challenge when mounting the knob on a solid wall. I found a neat knob at Owenhouse, then tracked down Gary, my favorite staff guy, and asked him for help. It took 4 potential solutions, an 18-cent screw, and 20 minutes to solve the problem; in the end, he cut the head off the screw and turned the knob into a peg for me. I mounted it today and it works slick! It was the perfect solution: low-tech, simple, and inexpensive.

My new goal in life is to find a legitimate project that stumps Gary.

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